Mooz: Victim + Hertz Remix

Seasoned Producer Mooz Launches Underground Techno Record Label: Hidden Suite

Alicante, Spain​: Luis Mestanza, known in the techno circuit as ‘Mooz’, announces the launch of his very own Hidden Suite Records on September 11th, 2017. For over 20 years he’s worked with some great DJs and producers, and feels that starting his own label is a natural progression, but still a big leap to be making. The mission for launching the label is to leave the producer’s mark on the history of techno. Mooz plans to produce and release the music he loves, to his own standards and under his control. This provides a chance for musical collaborations with other artists in the techno scene he likes, admires and respects. Many of these artists inspired him to create the label and he feels indebted to them for their support and contribution. “Maybe it sounds too idealistic, but one makes music because someone else did it before, and with their ideas, they motivate you to lay down your own,” he says. “So, for Hidden Suite I’d like to count with artists that I’ve got a ‘gratefulness debt’ to, for pushing me to make this.” Hidden Suite Records is the name of Mooz’s new record label. It aims to cut a new release every six weeks, the first of which is set to hit Beatport on September 11, 2017. The debut release, titled ​Victim​, stars the music of Mooz himself. An EP with two original tracks: “Victim” and “Probeta”. Featuring a remix by Swedish producer and techno wizard, Hertz. Available exclusively through Beatport for two weeks, ‘Victim’ will subsequently hit the worldwide digital music outlets. Subsequent releases from Hidden Suite Records will include tracks from Spanish producer Bando, Japan’s Alout and more to be revealed soon.